Prefrontal and medial temporal lobe interactions in long-term memory

Simons, J.S. & Spiers, H.J. (2003). Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 4, 637-648.

Cognitive neuroscience has made considerable progress in understanding the involvement of the medial temporal and frontal lobes in long-term memory. Whereas the medial temporal lobe has traditionally been associated with the encoding, storage and retrieval of long-term memories, the prefrontal cortex has been linked with cognitive control processes such as selection, engagement, monitoring and inhibition. However, there has been little attempt to understand how these regions might interact during encoding and retrieval, and little consideration of the anatomical connections between them. Recent advances in functional neuroimaging, neurophysiology, crossed-lesion neuropsychology and computational modelling highlight the importance of understanding how the medial temporal and frontal lobes interact to allow successful remembering, and provide an opportunity to explore these interactions.