People in the Memory Laboratory

Jon Simons, PhD, FRSB

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Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Psychology
Deputy Head of the School of Biological Sciences
Fellow, Emmanuel College

Ayat Abdurahman, MSc

Graduate Student

Attention and memory in the aging brain

Helena Gellersen, PhD

Visiting Researcher

Early detection of memory deficits

Julia Maybury, MA

Graduate Student

Sleep and memory across ages

Jessica McMaster, MSc

Graduate Student

Cognitive reserve and memory precision

Samantha Mitchell, MSc

Graduate Student

Brain mechanisms of hallucinations

Michael Siena, PhD

Visiting Researcher

Subjective experience of remembering

Lab Alumni

Simon Kwon (PhD 2021) - now postdoc, Harvard Medical School (website)
Saana Korkki (PhD 2019, postdoc 2019-20, Read Prize winner) - now postdoc, Karolinska Institute (website)
Carolin Sievers (postdoc 2019-20) - now lead data scientist, Outra (website)
Priya Jeyarathnarajah (research assistant 2016-18) - now research coordinator, University of Toronto (website)
Franka Richter (postdoc 2015-17) - now data engineer, Aldi Nord (website)
Ali Trelle (PhD 2016, postdoc 2016-17, CNS Fellow award winner) - now Instructor, Stanford University (website)
Rose Cooper (PhD 2017, EPS Frith Prize winner) - now research scientist, Meta Reality Labs (website)
David Vogelsang (PhD 2016) - now lecturer, University of Amsterdam (website)
Debbie Green (research assistant 2014-16) - now clinical psychologist, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
Jane Garrison (PhD 2015, postdoc 2015-19, APS Rising Star award) - now assistant professor, University of Cambridge (website)
Lucy Cheke (research fellow, 2013-15) - now associate professor, University of Cambridge (website)
Heidi Bonnici (postdoc 2013-15) - 1980-2021, she brightened the lives of everyone who knew her
Yasemin Yazar (PhD 2014) - now management consultant, Accenture Strategy (website)
James Thom (PhD 2013) - now associate director, Ipsos MORI (website)
Marie Buda (PhD 2013) - now consultant in behavioural science, Innovia Technology (website)
Zara Bergström (postdoc 2009-12) - now senior lecturer, University of Kent (website)
Alex Fornito (visiting fellow 2008-10) - now Professor, Monash University (website)
Valerie Brandt (MPhil 2010) - now lecturer, University of Southampton (website)
Simon Davis (MSc 2005) - now assistant professor, Duke University (website)
Marieke Schölvinck (MSc 2004) - now Max Planck Research Group Leader, University of Frankfurt (website)