Consultancy Services

Based at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, we conduct research aimed at understanding how learning and memory processes operate in the human brain.

Members of the laboratory are happy to engage in consultancy projects as an effective way for our research to make a direct impact on society.

Working through the University's Consultancy Services team, we provide commercial consultancy based on our knowledge of brain and behaviour to address problems faced by companies, governmental groups, charities and NGOs.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Offering creative solutions to specific business problems
  • Devising training packages to enhance cognitive performance, resilience and wellbeing
  • Providing expert reports on technical, economic and commercial issues
  • Serving on scientific advisory boards
  • Reviewing government strategy and policies
  • Speaking at industry, government and public sector events
  • Advising on and appearing in film and TV documentaries

If you are interested in discussing potential consultancy projects, please contact in the first instance to identify the scope and nature of the services and deliverables you have in mind, and any milestones and timings.

Formal discussions can then take place via the University's Consultancy Services team.