B.A. Natural Sciences Tripos, University of Cambridge

Part 1B Experimental Psychology (Higher Cognition module)
This module offered in the Michaelmas Term will cover a number of the theoretical concepts and methodological approaches used to study the component processes contributing to complex cognitive functions such as remembering, planning, monitoring, etc.
Part II Psychology (Module A3: Human Memory)
This module offered in the Lent Term will provide a survey of the cognitive experimental literature on human learning and memory, including consideration of short-term and long-term stores, distinctions between memory for past events and conceptual knowledge, and different models of retrieval
Part II Neuroscience (Module B2: Memory and Higher Functions)
These lectures offered in the Lent Term will examine evidence from human neuropsychology and functional imaging studies concerning the cognitive and neural organisation of perception, action, knowledge and remembering in the brain
Part II Psychology (Advanced Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience)
This discussion-based seminar offered in the Lent Term will consider current controversial debates concerning the role of regions of medial prefrontal cortex in such diverse human activities as mind-wandering and playing the stock market

Cambridge Graduate Programme in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Cognitive neuroscience: Seeking convergence between neuroimaging and neuropsychology
This theoretical seminar offered in the Lent Term will examine how researchers use cognitive neuroscience techniques such as neuroimaging and neuropsychology to inform the development of cognitive theories and to better understand cognitive disorders